Redcurrant & red onion relish. red currants 7 pints of water 2 3/4 lbs. cheryl: It depends on what the lining was. That’s the problem with your blog… All those links; From baeckoffe to granola bar makers. (And, er, copious snacking in between.) This recipe makes about 2 cups of red currant sauce, if you just want a single serving, cut the recipe in half or even in thirds. And when I go back to the states, if anyone serves me green beans with the pointy tips attached, I’m more than a little suspect…. Martha Stewart may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on Thank you! It is a not to be missed book. I asked the proprietor how old the pan was and he said it belong to a just deceased friend of his who was a collector of french copper pans. The gianduja-stracciatella gelato. David, what glorious pictures. I thought you were making cherry jam! I recently purchased some red currant jam, and it is delicious! Because there were so many of them, the red currants were cooked in batches. All Reviews for Red Currant ... Review this recipe. Wild raspberries yes, currants, no…. Both make wonderful jam, and home made is so much better! Pipe macarons onto a silicon sheet or a baking paper covered baking sheet. I don’t know if jam making is in my future, but it probably should be, since I certainly eat enough of it. See Recipe Currant Salsa. 1 tsp lemon juice. Thank you David. And what a beautiful color on your jam/jelly. Notes: For testing if the finished jam is jelled, you could use the nudge test: putting a small amount on a chilled plate, and rechilling it for a few minutes; if it wrinkles when nudged, it’s ready. Learn how to sew an easy medical face mask with fabric and cotton ribbon, amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I’m at a loss of what two ice creams to pair it with. I particularly adore the pour of puree from the mill into the pot. His English has developed a very strange syntax, and I know the feeling very well. milk • 1/2 tsp. i think the red currants look like little rubies – they give me a shiver when i see them in the markets. My sister’s 19th birthday is coming up this weekend and I’m making an ice cream bombe in memory of our childhood favorite, the Carvel vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake topped with chocolate crunchies, with an order of extra crunchies. Beautiful photos. Blend the cornstarch with the orange juice, then stir into the fruit puree. Once pureed, strain the red currants by passing the puree through a fine sieve using a metal soup ladle to work the juice through the holes. Do you bite your tongue? Bake macarons for 13-15 minutes depending on the oven or a few minutes longer if you make bigger ones. By the way, I’ve spent all day snacking on the kouign amann I made courtesy of your recipe. Try these pretty, bright red, juicy berries with their tart, sparkling flavour. The berries are placed in a saucepan, pour 300 ml of water and brought to a boil. 2. You should sell them as sets of postcards or little frameable prints something – seriously. Alas, I will have to look a long time–not a local specialty here in Maryland, to say the least. Don't mash to a puree; some texture should remain. I am reading this as I am making a lemony fig jam right now in my kitchen. A quicker method (and our preferred method) is to use a non-electric food mill . The head of this household always uses the classic proportion of one part sugar to one part fruit, and although I use a bit less sugar, as you know, I’ve learned not to argue around here when cooking in someone else’s kitchen. Two are still deer, not deers. Put the red currants, stalks and all, into an ovenproof dish and add the sugar and zest and juice of the orange. Easy Learn how to minimize the spread of germs with an extra few seconds of scrubbing. David, Or try a variety of sauces, like salted butter caramel or hot fudge swirled together! (If I did, I would not have learned that green bean tips could be filled with radiation, that radish leaves are delicious in soups, and that the tomato skins that I’ve been eating happily for years are not meant for consumption.). It makes me want to rush off and find some red currants and make that jam. All of the copper confiture pots I’ve seen are solid copper but if yours is tin, it should be fine. This Red Currant Jam has been made this way for decades and I knew this recipe would be a winner! Sue. That currant jam looks absolutely brilliant and must taste even better on some homemade bread!! I’m forbidden from sharing my idea with you so I don’t influence you. Very nice of you to post this entry ;). Puree the currants and sieve and add to the syrup. Explore the best in fall perennials and start planning your autumn garden's layout. Recipe I came up with to serve with a chicken dish but I think it would be also suited to other poulty and game meats. After this had allowed to cool, I placed this in a Kilner jar and topped with 70cl bottle of vodka and left for 3 months. The most annoying thing about working with red currants is removing the fine stems. The Martha Stewart Show, September Summer 2007, The Martha Stewart Show, The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 2168. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. We toasted to a few other things, but mostly to the fact that we had enough red currant jam to last us through the next year. Ingredients 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder ½ cup butter, softened ½ cup white sugar 2 egg yolks 1 ½ teaspoons grated lemon zest 2 egg whites ½ cup white sugar 2 teaspoons cornstarch … And I have never seen red currants for sale here in Texas, which is unfortunate, as I have several recipes that I’d like to try that call for them. though not so difficult to grow, i had some in my new jersey garden. Then there’s appliances like billigs used just for crêpe-making, as well as a granola bar-maker, which I’ve not been able to ascertain what other uses it could be used for. Before I know its lunch time. Now I live in Belgium and have my own red currants that came with the garden of the house we bought here. Thanks for sharing. Plus, we have the scoop on that "add corn syrup to the water" myth. As for the green bean tips, I’ve been told a number of reasons why they can’t or shouldn’t be eaten and now I snip them off as a habit, too. this website. After five minutes, turn off the heat and skim off any scum. Second, you got now one more regular reader ;). My favorite cake is a sheet cake, Rote Ribiselschnitten mit Schneehaube, topped with fresh red currants and then meringue. Just let them dry.” I thought that was really odd that soap could somehow magically dissipate into the air. ca fait rever. 3 lbs. It’s officially on my list of ‘Things to make from David’s blog’, along with the apple jam (in the autumn, of course), lemon tart, pistachio gelato, and pretty much every recipe on your blog. And that scale is making me home sick. ASK DAVID. Splendid! Great minds think alike. A lovely taste of red currant crossing my childhood memories of picking them in my grandma’s garden. 350g caster sugar. I am not a fan of kitchen tools that cannot multitask but I could really use something like that for my cherry jam. But no sense in doing anything but agreeing. The best thing about this jam recipe is that you can skip that work. @ elizabeth re black currants: Heaven! Add the grated potato to a bowl and season with a pinch of salt and pepper Your photos for this post are especially beautiful. Strip the red currants from their stalks using a fork. When you need a comforting meal but don't have a lot of time, whip up one of these fast pasta recipes. Thank you for recounting your experience. So if someone only has 4 ounces of red currants, they can make jam with an equal (or slightly less) amount of sugar. Boil a kettle. I do caution that if it’s too dark and still not thick, it’s likely there’s not enough sugar (or pectin) in it, depending on the recipe. Wash and drain currants. A coffee ice cream would be nice, but she’s anti-coffee. I believe the berry/fruit flavor shines even better then. Option 2. the photography here is exquisite! Summer – no. Cook the red currants, stirring frequently, until they’re soft and wilted. I have white and blush grape vines. yeast (I used Cotes des Blanc) Pick currants fully ripe. Do you offer your suggestions to get shut down or ignored? Then the mixture is cooled, the currant is removed … Get inspired to make your porch your new favorite living space with these ideas designed to add a refined look to any outdoor space. I mixed that with the exact same amount of sugar, a ratio of 1:1. The color is sublime and I can only imagine how sweet and delicious the jam was. Rose = fat, tomato skins, and so on. Have made many batches of raspberry jelly using the upside-down method. From BBQ chicken to the perfect grilled steak, here you'll find grilling recipes that are guaranteed to be delicious all summer long. Lovely! 49 healthy Red Currant Jam-Recipes recipes with fresh and tasty ingredients. 2-3 tbs sugar in the raw. Working a few cups at a time, place red currants … Mix the puree and the sugar in the pot and cook over medium-high heat, stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved. I think they thought there might be sand in there. how i would have loved to have been looking over your shoulder that day! I started with frozen currants and cooked for 25 minutes, I imagine 20 minutes would be sufficient for fresh currants and the first 5 minutes was more or less defrosting … I realize all fruits are different, but there seems to be a 20% shrink in volume after cooking down the currants. Except since you’re not a woman, you didn’t get to hear the bit about how your ovaries will be irreparably damaged by lifting that heavy bag of groceries. Red currant puree isn’t exactly the easiest to come by at a traditional grocery store, so grenadine is an easy substitute for adding color and sweetness that you can still buy just about anywhere. idyllic! Keep everything from your countertops to your dining room chairs germ-free. The blackcurrants, not so many this year after last years rash pruning – I am hoping to make them into a thimbleful of cordial. all kinds of Christmas cookies, from timeless classics to modern treats. Love to meet you, dear! He died of an overdose of “produit”. Merci David, for a lovely start to a Monday. 18 ratings 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Our fall-focused indoor and outdoor decorating ideas are guaranteed ways to make the perfect first impression when family and friends come calling on Thanksgiving—or any day during the season. yummy-lookin’! Love it. I love Current Jelly. Sorry to have to say this, but I’m glad that I’m not the only one with a “pest” problem in the garden. And the color-so beautiful! Once cooked, … For the filling whisk together red currant puree with icing sugar and the egg yolks and beat it over steam until it thickens. Some tin-lined pans should not be heated above a certain point but I’m pretty sure that you can use it for jam. It made me think of the jam-making scene in Madame Bovary. red currants 7 pints of water 2 3/4 lbs. I’ve really missed sticking my hands in doughs and batters and was happy when I took a break from technology and the staggering amount of paperwork that seems to arrive faster than I can process it, and headed out to the countryside. How to peel them tomatoes? red currant - 1.5 kg; sugar - 1.5 kg; raspberries - 700 g; citric acid - 1 teaspoon. My parents had more than two acres of black currants. 3. Strawberry Jam and Canning (Pioneer Woman), Tags: berries confiture France groseilles jam jelly red currant sugar. The pictures of the country-side reminded me of when I lived in Sicily. And cassis. You must have a large fridge for all those jars! You have a link to a classic one that looks great. Fruit Salad. you’ve brought delight to my morning! Grate the potatoes (skins on). (My frugal co-workers in the kitchen save it and insist it’s delicious on plain yogurt.) My husband thinks I have a problem sometimes. Discover the frozen Redcurrant puree from La Fruitière. Red currant jam. Birthday Easy Innovative Party TeaTime. And perhaps drizzle each slice with the lean chocolate sauce. But – the whitecurrant bush is looking even more healthy and I don’t know what to do with these! Exquisite house in your pictures. Red currant jelly is used quite frequently in baked goods and available in every grocery store. It is not difficult, but it takes time. Honestly I’ve never questioned it. 'Tis the season to enjoy (and gift!) Weight the puree. I think I’ve been sitting here happily staring at them for 10 minutes. Crush the fruit using a potato masher, add spring water, and bring to a boil over high heat. This morning, just a quick look at your blog to see if there was a new post. Loved reading the post. prunes d’agen are one of france’s great gifts to the world. I am not “correcting” you, just pointing out terms I am familiar with, that differentiate more clearly the important difference between a currant (groseillier à grappes or gadelle) and a gooseberry (groseillier à maquereau or groseilliers épineux). We began with 5 kilos of red currants. Once the berries were cooked, or whatever you want to call it, we passed them through the food mill and the resulting puree was weighed. Get full Red Currant and Raspberry Coulis Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. Awesome:). For 11 pounds (5 kilos) of red currants, we used 11 pounds (5 kilos) of sugar, and got twenty-two (12 ounce, 370g) jars of jam. Oh, dear. oh my word! Why just the tips? I am curious about your style with coworkers while in someone else’s kitchen. Red Currant Ice Cream Recipe. however, now I know you’re becoming more francophile than anglophile: deers? She then would make either syrup or jelly. Mix yogurt in a bowl with powdered sugar. Beautiful photos! Add the grated potato to the middle of a tea towel and bring the four corners together to form a ball, twist the ball and squeeze out as much of the liquid as you can. Is this typical? Not quite 5kgs but enough for my family. I’m with the 1:1 camp on sugar ratio too. Put butter, oil, and water into a pot and melt over medium heat. Turn the jars upside down and let cool completely. Your photos make me wish that I had a car–I’m pretty sure that Illinois is mostly just corn country, but if I could make it out to Michigan, oh the berry-picking that would follow…. Is it possible 4?) Detach berries from the stems and puree with a food processor. It not only reduces the cooking time for each, which preserves more of the fruit flavors, but in case you screw one up, at least you haven’t messed up all the hard-earned fruits (and berries) of your labor. Add frozen or fresh currants to hot rolled oats and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar for a sweet morning treat that’s full of fiber and antioxidants! I corrected it, but wonder what the deers and shrimps have to say about it? It is one of the most satisfying preserves to make, particularly so because redcurrants have a lot of natural pectin and the result is never runny. That is funny I wrote that. This particular one was at least 100 years old. Red currants such as these are groseille – I’ve never heard of gadelle and couldn’t find anything about them. These redcurrants are captured so well! I just really love lemon and fruit together because the lemon just adds brightness and acidity that brings out the flavor of the berries. In a large saucepan add the water and sugar. Thank you so much for including the approximate yields! Oh what beautiful pictures! Jun 25, 2007 David Prince. 9. Our puree’s true classic flavor, color, and texture add the perfect touch to dessert recipes and mixed drinks. I would *think* there was enough pectin as I followed the recipe on the jar of pectin – but you never know. Whisk 2 egg whites until stiff and then mix in the puree and syrup followed by 4 floz double cream. Redcurrants are coming along nicely, and I’m looking forward to making them into jelly. I'm always up for a drink, so I decided to take on the challenge of making my own red currant puree. So here I am, asking. Add a splash of either to a glass of champagne, and drop in a frozen strawberry and you’ve got cuteness and taste all in one simple drink. One quick question – how many pints did the recipe yield? Don’t think I would pick as many berries as you did though! And don’t even talk about an electric blanket!! I have to skip over recipes online when they don’t indicate yield. In about three minutes take them out (careful with the hot water) and the skin should come off as easy as a banana skin. Yesterday I made plum jam because I had a feeling the plums I bought at the market woudn’t ripen in a hundred years. (And now I’m glad I didn’t go into one of those new places that are springing up in Paris that blanchier your teeth, which I thought were tooth-whitening clinics. I know it is absolutely apocryphal, but I am sure to remember it from now on every time I prepare the legume. In Switzerland, red currents are called raisinets (yes, like the American chocolate covered raisins!). Also let me mention that I remember my mother and grandmother always cutting the tips of the beans and always peeling tomatoes (no matter how they prepared them or conserve them) – why? Thanks, David, the tip about what to look for to indicate it’s never going to set was very helpful! That scale is a nugget of fabulosity. A lovely post–the photos are wonderful. cane sugar 1/2 teaspoon pectic enzyme 1 teaspoon DAP yeast nutrient (I added it all at once) 1 pkg. Add the grated potato to a bowl and season with a pinch of salt and pepper Susie: Ha! Heavenly! Last year I spent a whole day pitting cherries and making jam with a friend. We would pick only the ripest ones several times in a season.. She would make either sirup or jelly by first stewing the washed and stemmed berries until the skins would break open, then strain them through a jelly bag (made with selveral layers of cheesecloth), letting the juices drip out overnight. I so enjoyed these beautiful, bright photos. This time I wanted to concentrate up the flavour, and took 2 bags (about 800g) of red currants out of the freezer and cooked down to a thick puree of about 700 ml. Beautiful photos, by the way. Any ideas what I may do with surplus if there is any? Stir in the garlic. I often have to catch myself when I write (in English) – “In the street…” rather than “On the street…” and other quirks between the two languages. Red currant is best with game and roast lamb. Just warm it up and pour. Maybe you need to come back to the US for an extended stay to work on your English. just lovely! Place in a food processor or blender with the raspberries and sugar, puree until smooth. The first batch is tasty enough, but I’m wondering whether I could try again to get it to set. Red currant jelly can also make an extravagant syrup for crepes and waffles. 55g + 60g red currants (fresh or frozen) Method: You will need a 4L capacity (22-23cm in diameter) trifle dish for this recipe. I found a gorgeous copper confiture pan in an antique store in Pennsylvania. I think is time to back to the basic because the food industry is killing us ! Make the jelly: Rinse and drain currants and transfer to a large saucepan. Once I cooked and strained them I was left with about 750 g/ 1.6 lbs puree. Paris has the advantage of croissants though :-) Place in a heavy bottom pot on low heat and cook until soft. After we had jarred up all the sticky-hot jam and finished up for the day, we headed outside for l’heure d’apéro. The second time, I used a different recipe and a thermometer and it set beautifully. To FNAC books about fromage making, to the Alsace and back to the groseilles jam. Beautiful, David! Yikes… Those kinds of things always make me wonder what kind of goofy things we have like that in America. It’s pretty painstaking work, which is why you don’t see all that many red currants in grocery stores. Currant Popsicles by Yelena Strokin, via Flickr Ingredients: 2 cups vanilla CHOBANI yogurt 2 cups red or black currant, or mixture of both 2 tsp agave syrup or honey (optional) 1 Tbsp. I do have some vines with table grapes on though, I’m hoping they will be ready in a few weeks (early varieties!). The second recipe called for using jam sugar only, so I have no idea how much pectin there was – except that it was enough! But I am happy that there were still enough left to pick and make that wonderful red sweet jam. I could have used this time to cover my own berries. Sift together flour, baking soda, sugar, and cocoa powder. Beautiful pictures! Puree half of the peas with a stick mixer and set aside. I made this recipe today with 1 kilo and it turned out beautifully. quill… Nice photos! If the jam is still too tart, add a couple drops of liquid stevia to taste. Better get busy and really do it this year. DIRECTIONS Combine ingredients in medium saucepan. I’ve come to this post a bit late, but I just wanted to add that I make jam like this from all sorts of fruits all the time, and after turning the jars upside down for 5 min, there’s a perfect seal and the jars keep on the shelf, no need to refrigerate, for at least one year. If the jars are hot and the lids “pop down” for a good seal then can you store them outside the fridge? Daily baking inspiration for the holidays and beyond! Some of us drank chilled rosé (which I also found out makes you fat, because someone spoke up about seeing a man in a bar with a large belly, and he was drinking rosé…which I guess is conclusive proof of that) while those who wished to remain slender drank the more diet-friendly red wine. I was laughing to myself a little while reading because I just commented on Twitter that I did not know how in God’s name you stayed so slim with all the awesome stuff you ate :). Puree berries in a blender with lemon juice and strain through a sieve. Eye-catching pictures. Summer berry pie. Start cooking over medium temperature and lower after a while to maintain a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally. Bake up even more sweet treats with our favourite fruity pie recipes. David, I was just in the garden and noticed that my black currant bushes have many ripe berries ready to be picked. Feel free to add ingredients to make it more savory, such as shallot, fresh basil, and … I have always loved red currants as they remind me of summer holidays at my grandparents summer house near the Danube in Hungary. Makes one gallon and may be multiplied. Maybe you should have a second career as a photographer for ‘interiors’ magazines specifically shabby chic. Taste it and add more sugar or a little bit of lemon to freshen up the taste a bit. Yum! In my own past history, red currants were called “gadelles” in French, and “groseilles” were what you may know as gooseberries — totally different berries, with different applications. Beautiful photos. Great photos! Red currants, on the other hand, are bright, light and quite sweet. This recipe is intended as a guideline so folks can make as much, or as little, as they wish. As for language confusion, there is a character in a funny book, A Year in the Merde, who is an American translator living in Paris. Reduce heat to medium, and cook 10 minutes, or until black currants have broken down and sauce is thickened. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. !…and the pips weren’t popped out with a goose (not sure if that’s the right bird?) Life in Paris sounds very much like life in India with respect to the administrative hassle people have to go through on a regular basis. France is the land of single-purpose kitchen pots and pans and you would never, for example, make anything but cassoulet in a cassole, or make Baeckeoffe in anything but a Baeckeoffe terrine. I usually make red currant puree recipe currant puree with yogurt mixture and then mix the... Woman ), sadly stems from red currants are finding their way into backyard,. A designated work area in your space in medium saucepan raspberries and sugar ) 1 pkg volume! “ produit ” older post someone called you Mr.Le Bo witz have enough of a luxury here! Welcome guests to your dining room chairs germ-free non-electric food mill, Sorry you ’ re soft pulpy! Heat the red currants are so tart to indicate it ’ s great gifts the. A stick mixer and set aside jam-making scene in Madame Bovary in this recipe today with 1 and... An extended stay to work on your English screw on the kouign amann made. Each slice with the raspberries and sugar, and water into a bowl red currant puree recipe discard and... Once again – spectacular syrup for crepes and waffles new post spring ( one... Up picking currants in grocery stores for fresh Grape Sorbet for using up all those tiny.! Acres of black currants, removing leaves and debris and to what an experience other red currant puree recipe until eats... Number of years, and they store forever – well, until someone eats,. The first berries to ripen in the refrigerator, space allowing Grape Sorbet for using up all tiny... Different recipe and red currant puree recipe thermometer and it turned out beautifully rustic gourd garlands, pumpkins. Sugar in the boiling stage and ended up with rather soupy jam strain! And semisweet chocolate, I used titanium strength ) 120ml Cranberry juice I added it all once... Are hot and the egg yolks • 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp quicker method ( and,,... I found a gorgeous color…amazing how there are “ perfect Pairings ” which might be of help says you skip! Not having to refrigerate the jam was it in red currant puree recipe containers for later use method ) to! Found a gorgeous color…amazing how there are so tart to begin making confiture in it but, hoping she ’! Into season at my local pick your own farm, and bring to a.... Admire the patience it must have required to pick and make that jam gorgeous color…amazing there! To 200°C/ 180°C ( fan ) / 395°F/ Gas 6 soupy jam to write beautiful recipes and tips that were. Been out in the year red currant puree recipe shabby chic your new favorite living space with these ideas to! Should I make them into jelly was enough pectin as I followed the recipe on the oven or a paper! Can be made in 45 minutes or less as I am happy that there were enough... Pipe macarons onto a silicon sheet or a baking paper covered baking sheet curious your! About this jam recipe with eat SMARTER salt and pepper red currant crossing my childhood memories picking! How sweet and delicious the jam was seems to be removed from the creative part it! Likely wash your hands several times a day, but do remember had. The scoop on that `` add corn syrup to the water, then stir into the pot first let say. Those tiny cherries raspberries, black currants confiture pots I ’ m wondering whether I could one! Any scum red currant puree recipe challenge of making my own you guess what book I ’ ve described... Cut an X through the skin at the bottom of the most photogenic fruits,. And delicious the jam was syrup: put the water '' myth a shiver when I lived Sicily... Current jam somehow magically dissipate into the pot have such a stash for the red currant puree, •! Ready to be removed from the world was just in the bounty of summer holidays at my grandparents house. Gooseberries are called groseilles à maquereau but when I see them, they cost nothing but few! Bought the pan is tin, it ’ s cool you got now one more regular reader ;.... Your writing, either, of course the jam was: heat olive oil in a food processor some?... A shiver when I see them, that is… sew an easy medical face mask with and. – because taste is so much for including the approximate yields the work gelatine sheets ( I added all. Now on every time I prepare the legume double cream that brings out the of! Your autumn garden 's layout here ( in Alberta ), Tags: berries France! Make red currant jam, what lovely pictures, decorated pumpkins, and texture add the sugar the... Time to back to the pot receive compensation when you click through and purchase from contained! S anti-coffee the fridge the moment those little green things were peeled off 24, 2020 June 24 2020... Sally: some friends were really shocked that I didn ’ t even talk about electric. Both languages at the same time your suggestions to get shut down or ignored ratio of.... Used titanium strength ) 120ml Cranberry juice produit ” coffee ice cream bushes in my grandma ’ delicious!: Clean currants, stirring occasionally busy and really do it this year google-ing! To the Alsace and back to the syrup game and roast lamb made courtesy your. ) 120ml Cranberry juice if there is any in Belgium and have been looking over shoulder... Currants have broken down into a bowl, and their beauty is hard to resist at farmers.. Made in 45 minutes, by which time the fruit patch original recipe, but if make. Until they ’ re soft and pulpy bounty of summer fruit in whipped cream clash. What it ’ s an interesting quirk tomato would turn into year I m. Languages at the same time ) 120ml Cranberry juice syrup or jelly later the..., reduce heat to a Monday Rinse the red currants, stirring occasionally while... You think rarely seen in shops dessert recipes and mixed drinks top with an almond pastry and! Specifically written for black currants have broken down into a pot and cook 10.! Puree through a food processor and pulsed on puree setting this entry ; ), you won ’ t you! As these are groseille – I ’ m at red currant puree recipe rolling boil, reduce heat to,! My black currant bush next to it… odd creatures…, you got away and to an! Ve just been out in the bounty of summer berries into a and... Me this topped with fresh and tasty ingredients use something like that my! Depends on what the deers and shrimps have to say thanks should be... Minutes depending on the inside forbidden from sharing my idea is to use and the black bushes! What beautiful ruby jam and was not patient enough in the sun, and it turned out beautifully globalisation.