(pictured: the honey badger drags the reptile towards a bush so that it can devour its prey away from the prying jackals), The subdued snake is hauled to a nearby bush by the honey badger so that he can enjoy the meal without having to deal with the interrupting jackals. Even my fluffy white kitten: can house cats kill snakes could do it. But if it is envenomated, I guess it has either special proteins that counteract the proteins in He takes the snake out, but at a terrible cost. The Honey Badger isn't unique in its ability to hunt, catch and kill snakes. There are also the king snakes which eat the other snakes. The honey badger has a good immune system that can even withstand a bite of king cobra while the Komodo dragon has saliva which is very toxic. ineffective against. Instead, the honey badger began a vicious game of tug-of-war with the jackals as they fought over the limp snake. No matter how dangerous the honey badger’s opponent, its main defence is a good offense. Honey badgers can devour a snake (150 cm/5ft or less) in 15 minutes. It is believed that they develop this over time by eating lesser venomous creatures first and working its way up. What once started off as an easy meal for the python turned into a three on one attack as the badger and jackals turned their attention to the python. The comments below have not been moderated. The common dogs and cats we have within in our homes can also sometimes be able to catch the snakes and kill them. The honey badger drags the snake by its head while a jackal snaps at his tail after the badger started to make off with the reptile in Chobe Park, Botswana last month, The honey badger turns around and bares its teeth at one of the jackals who has been trying to prevent him making off with the serpent, The photographer Roselyne Kerjosse said: 'I was very disappointed because the honey badger, often described as brave and tenacious, was one of the animals I wanted to see during my safari, but not in this situation. Snake vs. Badger We service 152 US Locations - Click here to Find Your Town. When the 60-year-old began recording, the honey badger was in mortal danger, with the python wrapping its entire body around it. Honey badgers may have incredible weapons and defenses, but even they can be hunted by larger predators. Apparently a few animals, like the mongoose, hedgehog, California Ground Squirrel, and even the snake-hunting Secretary Bird are immune to the Don't mess with a honey badger! It's a very ferocious and fearless animal, and it relies less on stealth and agility to kill snakes, and more on brute force Do you know that honey badger is one of the most aggressive animals in the wild. Snakes can be pretty terrifying when they want to be, but a python turned out to be no match for a honey badger when the two animals went head to head. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I don't know. Copyright 2019 - Snake-Removal.com - Site Map, Need snake help? Badgers have a big high appetite for beehives. The honey badger can kill extremely dangerous venomous snakes, like the puff adder, which with its huge fangs delivers huge amounts of flesh dissolving venom. The same can be said of the bites and stings of the various other venomous animals … Shocking moment 'Fagin' mother makes son steal wrapped presents, Prince Harry surprsies previous winners of WellChild Awards on Zoom, Care home resident breaks down after recognising daughter's voice, King Covidiot! Roselyne Kerjosse captured the spectacular fight to the death while on safari in Chobe Park, Botswana last month. So in general, it's hard to envenomate a honey badger in the first place. Honey Badgers have a reputation for being aggressive and fearless. In a twist of fate, it was the badger who came out the victor after winning a tug of war for the serpent. With the honey badger on one end and a jackal on the other, the wild animals scuffled for the snake, as the second jackal attempted to distract the honey badger by biting him from behind. A honey badger was rescued from the coils of a python by two jackals and was then helped by them in killing the snake before he turned on his new friends to steal the reptile. When bitten by venomous snakes, honey badgers simply fall asleep and wake up rejuvenated, according to Africa Geographic. 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