The children of families who had access to a variety of sources of food (e.g. legs indicative of haemorrhage Over 75% of the total area of the country was flooded, including half of Dhaka. ENN Strategy The 1998 flood events (linked to a La Nina cycle) were among the worst experienced in the area of Islampur in the Jamalpur region north of the capital, Dhaka. Among the nations that helped were the United States, India, Indonesia, and Japan. We find long-term declines in wages where nonagricultural labor markets are more severely affected. In this study we use a cross–sectional survey to evaluate the nutritional response to the 1998 Bangladesh Flood Disaster by 15 relief agencies using standards developed by the Sphere Project. food distribution Chiradzulu 2 In other areas where SCF and NGOs were working the poorest were identified through discussions with the community. We use the Bangladesh Flood Impact panel household survey to evaluate how the 1998 “flood of the century” affected wages in Bangladesh. Map and address. Firstly, most of Bangladesh is a flood plain or a delta (not an estuary, a delta is a river mouth that differs in many ways). Endnote may required a specific filter file to be used.